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Getting To Know Michiel Huisman, Hollywood's Dutch Leading Man

If you've watched television in the last two years, chances are you've seen a tall, muscular man with long, brunette-colored hair and, possibly, a Dutch accent. That man is more than likely Michiel Huisman.

Huisman has been making waves on television the last few years with multiple appearances on shows like "Nashville" and "Game of Thrones." He's also had his fair share of film endeavors, playing large roles in Reese Witherspoon-starring drama "Wild" and Blake Lively's film "The Age of Adaline."

Much of this seems typical of a Hollywood star, but what sets Huisman apart is exactly that: he's not from Hollywood; he's not even from the U.S.

Hollywood's newest leading man is actually of Dutch descent, making his accomplishments in the States even that much greater. Check out more of his greatness below with some surprising facts about the Amsterdam native.


Full Name: Michiel Huisman

Birthdate: July 19, 1981

Height: 6' 0" (1.83m)

Birthplace:  Amstelveen, North Holland, Netherlands

Best Known For: Game of Thrones, Nashville, Orphan Black, Treme, Wild, Age of Adaline

Little Known Facts:

-Dutch Abroad

While Huisman was born and raised in Amsterdam, he currently lives in New Orleans with his wife and child. It all seems fitting after his role on "Treme," which took place in the Creole city.

-Musically Inclined

Huisman plays the guitar, writes his own music and was in Dutch band called Fontane. He's also a big jazz fan, so if his career in acting ever ends (it doesn't look like it is anytime soon), then he always has a back-up.

For more interesting facts about Michiel Huisman from CBS Local, click here.

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