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Game 7 Of The World Series Replayed In RBI Baseball Fashion [VIDEO]

By: Evan Jankens

I won't lie. Video games are pretty much my life. Whether the game is Madden or NBA 2K15, I am hooked.

Call me a dork, a loser, whatever you want, but I have enjoyed playing these sports games since I was a kid.

One game I grew up with was RBI Baseball for the original Nintendo. The game couldn't have been better to me. I loved the fact some of the pitchers would throw sidearm. I was hooked.

A YouTube fan decided to put game 7 from the 2014 World Series into RBI Baseball.

With the Giants radio play-by-play guy Jon Miller doing the commentary, this video couldn't be any better.

Watch the video above and sit back and enjoy for the next nine minutes.

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