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From Your Smartphone To Smarthome, Ford Wants To Be A Connected Ride

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Ford is betting that drivers want to be as 'connected' behind the wheel as they are everywhere else. The automaker's technology push is one of the big stories so far at CES, the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Whether you have an iPhone or Android in your pocket, Ford has you covered:

"With Sync helping drivers stay connected on the move while keeping their hands on the wheel and their eyes on the road."

Sync 3 is the latest version of Ford's entertainment and information system. CEO Mark Fields says all 2017 cars, trucks, and SUVs so equipped will come with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, designed to be an easy link between the dashboard and smartphone. 2016s with Sync 3 can upgrade to the capability.

Fords with 4G LTE will connect drivers from afar.

"Things like remote start, unlocking their doors, checking fuel levels, and even locating a parked vehicle."

The carmaker also has plans with Amazon's personal assistant, Alexa, and Echo, the device that hails her.

"Alexa, ask my Ford to start."

(Alexa:) "The start command has been sent to your vehicle."

And from the road, prep your home for arrival:

"Alexa, turn on my kitchen lights."

(Alexa:) "OK."

"Alexa, can you open the garage door?"

(Alexa:) "Now opening door."

Alongside its Apple and Android support, Ford is pushing its open source in-dash app platform Smart Device Link. Fields says Toyota is already on board, with Honda, Subaru, and Mazda considering it.

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