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Former U.S. Army Ranger Battalion Member Uses Beef Company To Support Military Veterans

Southfield (CW50) - The KC Cattle Company is a company that brings high-quality wagyu beef products to the community. The foundation of the organization is the experience and dedication of its owner, Patrick Montgomery.

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Patrick Montgomery at cattle farm (Courtesy of KC Cattle Company)

Montgomery is a former U.S. Army Ranger, who brought the lessons he learned and the hardships he experienced in the military to his work in agriculture. After his service in the military was over, Montgomery had to find a way to cope with civilian life, having spent years dedicating his time to a routine and service to his country. Leaving left a void that he felt needed to be occupied, and KC Cattle Company allowed him to find purpose in civilian life.

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Patrick Montgomery cooking burgers with KC Cattle Company beef (Courtesy of KC Cattle Company)

Montgomery wanted to help others coming home from service to be able to find a similar purpose as he did, so KC Cattle Company employs veterans to help him produce and deliver his products to the community they all once served. The KC Cattle Company displays the Homegrown by Heroes motto to show the community that its workers bring the same pride and hard work they once had in the military back into the community.

Patrick Montgomery
Community Connect Host Lisa Germani, with Patrick Montgomery, Owner of KC Cattle Company

Patrick Montgomery, Owner of KC Cattle Company, joins Lisa Germani on Community Connect to talk about his years in service, why he started th company, and how he continues to help those returning from service.

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