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Former Detroit Chief Explodes At Godbee Scandal

DETROIT (CBS Detroit) While most Detroit movers and shakers are staying mum on the suspension of Police Chief Ralph Godbee, one man is speaking up -- really speaking up.

Former Detroit Police Chief Warren Evans lashed out early Wednesday at coverage of the Godbee scandal after the married Godbee was outed for an alleged affair with a fellow officer that blew up when she reportedly found out he was out of town with another woman. The officer reportedly posted a Twitter photo of herself with a gun in her mouth, and was relieved of duty while she seeks counseling.

Evans posted this on Facebook: "Single man openly dates single woman = forced resignation. Married man has affair with single woman=promotion to Chief. Married man has another affair with married woman=30 day suspension."

Evans lost his job to Godbee in 2010 after a "sizzle reel" he filmed to promote a new reality show was released showing him breaking down doors and toting automatic weapons. Evans was also tainted  by a relationship he was having with a fellow officer, and in an odd twist it was revealed at the time his replacement -- Godbee -- was having an illicit relationship with the same woman. In the wake of scandal, it was revealed Godbee and his wife have been in the midst of divorce proceedings since late summer.

But now their stories are much different, Evans says, and he thinks Godbee is getting off too easily.

"As a single man, I had an open and public relationship with a member of the department who was also single," Evans wrote in a letter to the media. "This is a significant distinction between my relationship and the current chief's extramarital affairs."

Evans goes on to say he made his relationship "clear" to the mayor at the time "and was not challenged about it or admonished for it."

"In fact, the mayor and I, along with my girlfriend, attended functions where we spent time socializing together," Evans said.

He added that he got permission from the mayor's office for the "sizzle reel" that was later used as the reason he was forced to resign.

And then he issued this salvo.

"It should also be noted that I did my job to reduce crime significantly by systematically using data driven intelligence and produced remarkable results with less money and fewer resources," Evans wrote. "My crime was that I got more and better press than the mayor. That in politics is a capital crime."

Evans would not speak on the record about the controversy; Bing, and others, have refused to comment beyond  the announcement of the 30-day suspension.

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