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Ford Motor Combines With Lighthouse To Aid Those In Need

PONTIAC (WWJ) - The need is greater than ever for social services because of the economy, but those services need money too.  Lighthouse of Oakland County chief development officer, Priscilla Perkins, says foreclosures are still a big problem.

Perkins says Lighthouse they help people in crisis with transitional housing and a pantry service.

"In the beginning, a couple of years back, it was more the sub-prime lending. People ... in homes that, that really they couldn't afford and getting loans that they didn't realize what they were getting. Now, it's because families have been out of jobs for three years or more in homes they can't afford, are no longer affordable because their income has dropped so much," said Perkins.

Perkins says the gravity of the foreclosure problem used to be about sub-prime lending ... while now it's because people have been out of work for three years or more.

Perkins says they're asking for donations because the "Ford Motor Company Fund" will give them fifty cents for every dollar that's donated.

Find out more about donating here.

Hear the complete interview with Priscilla Perkins.


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