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The Five First Jobs Everyone Has Before Their Real Career Begins

Hey! Everyone out there on My Space, my name is Edmon Armstrong and I am here to talk to you about the five first jobs you will have before you find a real career. This web standup is presented by CW50.

Number 1: is a first job that is sometimes unavoidable, and that's retail. Retail is a first job for most high school and college kids. In fact, I have worked at four retail stores and all four made me wish assault and battery wasn't illegal. Retail is low pay with little to no benefits. You may get a clothes discount, but is it really worth having to do all those go-backs, and if you work in retail you know what I mean.

Number 2: is a job you get when you just want to make your parents happy, and that's seasonal work. Seasonal work is big during the holidays and summer. You can make fast cash with little to no effort. The best seasonal work ever has to be becoming a Santa's elf. You bring joy to kids, and Santa brings you the best gift of all: green money.

Number 3: This job has been a topic of major news programs and it's a job someone has to do, just not me. I'm talking about fast food jobs. Fast food jobs are not a career it's a stepping stone to something better. I've had only one fast food job and it's the only job I have walked off a shift and quit the same day. Fast food is not for everyone, now can you give me extra ranch. Thank You!

Number 4: We all have done it at some point in our lives, especially if you have a parent like mine, and that's working for your family. Some kids are lucky enough that mommy or daddy has a business where they can work and make an unfair wage. You will truly learn what it's like to work somewhere and know everyone hates you. Good luck!

Number 5: The last job on our list is something we all dream of and that's a dream regular job. Now a dream regular job is a store or company you have always wanted to work for since you were a little kid. For me that dream regular job was working at a movie theater and a bookstore. I don't care how old I get or how many jobs I get. I will always put them both on my resume.

Well that's our count down today. Like and share this video. And thank you guys for watching, now get back to work you got Eight Dollars and 15 cents to make. See ya!

Edmon Armstrong is a Community Affairs intern at CW50 an aspiring filmmaker, writer, director and president of everything living in the Detroit area. Contact Edmon at

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