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Five College Don'ts

Hey! Everyone out there on the interweb, my name is Edmon Armstrong and I am here to talk to you about the five, count them, five College Don'ts to make your college life so much easier.

To Do Sticky Notes
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Number one is an old-time tradition that comes with a new time punishment, and I'm talking about hazing. Hazing used to be so much fun!.   How many raw eggs can you eat and lick dog poo so you can be one of us! But like anything in life it can turn dangerous really fast.  That's why most of the colleges in the United States have a ban on hazing. So you may think you're having fun, but when you get kicked out of college and possibly go to jail, you're going to be having some real fun with Rick in cell block G.

Bad Grades College
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Most people go to college and think just because I was good in High School, I should be good in college. Wrong!!!!!!! Just because you can get a 3.00 in high school does not mean you can get it in college. So my advice to you is to never take more than three classes if you can help it your first year. I can't tell you how many people go off to school with big dreams and end up in the fetal position in the Library with straight F'ssss by the end of the semester.

College Drinking
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Number three is one I would have to say I never had to learn the hard way about - Over Drinking. I know you guys are going to be partying in college and freedom can taste good, but it can come at a cost. College students have a high rate of dying from alcohol poisoning. It's all fun and games until someone doesn't wake up. So drink responsibly

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This one goes out to all of my good Judies in college. Never, and I mean never, if you can help it go out to a party alone in college. Unfortunately, cases of sexual assault are very much on the rise on college campus. Always take a friend with you wherever you go. You all go to the bathroom together, why can't you all go to a party and home together? And if anyone knows what good Judie means I will so friend you on Facebook.

Danger Meter
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College can be a very stressful time in your life.  Not everyone has someone to talk to and not everyone is a nice person. My biggest don't is never sit by and watch a potentially dangerous situation turn in to a mass situation. If you have a concern about anything you see or hear on campus, make sure to report it as soon as possible because you may save someone's life.

Edmon Armstrong is a Community Affairs intern at CW50 an aspiring filmmaker, writer, director and president of everything living in the Detroit area. Contact Edmon at

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