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Fire Breaks Out At 'Birthday Cake House' Near Detroit's Heidelberg Project

DETROIT (WWJ) - Officials are investigating what might be yet another case of arson near the Heidelberg Project on Detroit's east side.

Fire broke out early Tuesday morning at a house on Heidelberg Street just south of Ellery Street. The house is still standing but the interior is completely gutted.

The house, which is decorated with painted birthday cakes, is located on the same street as the Heidelberg Project but is not associated with the outdoor art space.

Investigators are trying to determine what caused the fire, which might have been intentionally set.

The Heidelberg Project has been targeted by arsonists nearly a dozen times since last year. The most recent fire was in March. Police have yet to identify any suspects or make any arrests.

Less than two weeks ago, another house on Heidelberg Street caught fire -- the Detroit Industrial Gallery, an installation by artist Tim Burke. Authorities believe arson is to blame.


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