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Feet First Foundation Provides Character-Building For At-Risk Kids

Bringing Schools, Students, Communities together.

Feet First Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides a character-building program for public schools. The program is divided into two components: 60% physical training via textbook boxing instruction, and 40% emotional group discussion around various topics such as Perseverance, Accountability, and Integrity. Executive Director / CoFounder Dan Dorsett along with Program Director / CoFounder Sean Sharkey found a unique way to influence at-risk youth in schools, to ultimately become mentors for other at-risk youth. The Feet First approach strongly focuses on emotional/physical empowerment to help students display strong character in the community, and prevent negative interactions in school. While aiming to help all people, the program is well-positioned within the 9th grade mental health and wellness curriculum to prevent bullying, youth substance abuse, and child exploitation. Managing Director / CoFounder Brandon Kregel assembled the assessment team behind the data-driven organization. Feet First Foundation proves effective outcomes by offering students the ability to log into their accounts, and take self-assessments every week. The data trends are very positive. Results show that students finish the program feeling much better than when they first started.

Feet First Foundation has posted their first shelter in place demonstration.  It is a live interactive class for students during this shelter in place order.  They will provide a weekly online video here for schools, teachers, parents with students struggling during this time of uncertainty.  Each video will cover 60% physical and 40% emotional discussion on character building.  The videos are about 20-25 minutes each.


Keenly aware of violence in schools, Feet First Foundation has helped bring substantial change to schools through the use of technology, group discussion, and textbook boxing. Distribution Director / CoFounder Zach Micheletti declares, "We are noticing that the program is helping kids focus, stay in school, build confidence, display good character, and even become mentors for other kids." Board Member Amy Specter Licensed Social Therapist and School Counselor suggests, "The reality is that many people do not have the support they deserve, and Feet First is an organization that strives to provide an outlet of mutual support to guide the youth, end bullying, end youth substance abuse, and end exploitation in schools and corresponding communities." For more on this call 833-339-9111

SOURCE Feet First Foundation

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