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FBI Investigating After KKK Fliers Threatening Black People Turn Up In Trenton

TRENTON (WWJ) - Ku Klux Klan fliers have turned up once again in a Downriver community — prompting the FBI to get involved.

Trenton police called in federal agents, and also contacted the Michigan Department of Civil Rights because this latest batch of KKK recruitment fliers now includes threats aimed at black people.

WWJ's Stephanie Davis reports several homeowners found the offensive leaflets on their lawns over Labor Day weekend in the same Trenton neighborhood, near Trumble, where similar flies appeared last month.

These fliers appeared in Trenton in July. (Photo by Stephanie Davis of materials provided by Trenton police)

Two versions of them including hate speech, including the n-word, and one of them promises to beat a black man who looks at a white woman.

Trenton Police Chief Steve Voss says this is no longer an issue of free speech. They're trying to find out who made the fliers.

"Our message is that we would like to talk to them, if they would like to come in, contact us, call us," Voss said.

"We would like to see what their goal is by the message that they're sending out there. We look at it as a divisive message and we really would like to talk to them."

Voss said this is not what the city of Trenton is about.

Meantime, James Moore with the KKK Loyal White Knights says such fliers are not hateful, but simply part of a recruitment campaign.

"I don't see why they're upset. I mean, you've got the Black Panthers out there opening calling for the genocide of white people," said Moore, who answered the phone at the 336 area code included on the flier.

"It's a big double standard. Every time we get out and try to recruit, spread the word, you know, we're out here standing up for the protection and preservation of our race, but it's only wrong when whitey does it."

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