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Fast Switch Records Record Year of Growth in 2011

WIXOM -- Although there are some who would say that survival is the greatest achievement in Michigan's recent business climate, there are some companies who've actually been able to flourish. Marking their 15th year of business -- and 9th year of business in Michigan -- Fast Switch continues to stay in those ranks.

Posting an impressive 60 percent growth in revenue in 2011, Fast Switch also is marking its 15th year of uninterrupted growth. In Fast Switch's Michigan operations alone, this has led to more than 150 team members being hired in 2011, through November, and a client base of more than 20 clients. This brings Fast Switch to a nationwide client base of more than 50 clients, with services provided in more than 25 states.

Fast Switch is based in Dublin, Ohio, and its Michigan operations run out of Wixom.

"As Michiganders know well, these last 10 years have not been for the faint of heart in any business," said Carey Pachla, vice president of Fast Switch North. "But along the way, we've also discovered that companies especially value great service and reliable solutions in tough times."

Pachla adds that Fast Switch has always taken pride in their ability to listen to their customers. While that has led to customers getting the best solutions, intently listening to customers has been even more beneficial to the growth of Fast Switch.

"There are programs and approaches that have come directly from our customers' creativity," said Pachla. "Ironically, so much sales creativity comes from the customer. For Fast Switch, it's more than just adapting to needs in the marketplace."

Perhaps the hardest aspect of growth for some businesses has been in remaining straightforward through challenging economic times. Not so for Fast Switch, Pachla said.

"In recent years, some companies have been very quick to make promises and quote prices that turn-out to be unsustainably low, for fear of losing sales," Pachla said. "Because we expect to retain customers for the long-term, we make the choice to be very upfront about capabilities and expectations. People are not commodities. We will never take a loss-leader approach to providing initial services with new customers."

The focus, Pachla said, is always the delivery: being on time and on budget. "There are so many people who have to present the results of our work at every level of their organizations," Pachla said. "It's not just about closing the sale. When IT leaders choose Fast Switch, they're putting faith in us. We've earned our reputation by being concerned about how our customers look at every level of their organizations, too."

To keep in step with its sales growth, Fast Switch has also increased its 2011 donations to Michigan-based charities to more than $25,000; including $4,000 to Children's Hospital of Michigan, $5,000 to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, $6,000 to the Michigan Council of Women in Technology and multiple donations to Focus Hope.

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