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Taco Bell's Mobile Ordering App Solved My Drive-Thru Menu Anxiety

By @GeorgeJFox

What a time to be alive. I'm a little ashamed to admit how enamored I am with Taco Bell's mobile ordering app "Live Mas". If you have drive-thru menu anxiety and like tacos -- the future is bright.

Remember the last time you visited a drive-thru restaurant. Did you know exactly what you wanted when you got to the ordering menu? I usually have a vague idea and end up botching it.

"Go ahead with your order when you're ready" buzzes from the speaker in the least sincerely patient way possible. My eyes dart around the insane list of items and I fumble out my order. It's probably not what I wanted -- more likely a go-to item or whatever promotion looked good.

This review only covers my experience with the "Live Mas" app. I don't know if McDonald's has one, but if they don't, they need to get on their game. Every fast food restaurant needs to make their version of this app right now.

You'll need a smartphone, a few seconds of setup time and an accepted form of payment (Visa Checkout, credit card or gift card). Can you believe the world of Taco Bell foods are at your fingertips? Yeah, it's pretty great.

Scrolling through the categories I quickly added a few items and customized them. I got extra meat on my Chalupa, discovered a few items I'd never considered before (black bean burrito) and made my tacos all Fresco style (no dairy). Don't be an idiot and order a Supreme Chalupa and then make it Fresco. I basically paid extra for sour cream and negated it with Fresco style. The power of this much customization is dangerous in the hands of a simple man like myself. The woman at the window tipped me off and shared how I can save dough on my next order.

The Transaction

Not surprisingly, paying in advance is required and made for an easier process at the window. After adding a credit card and placing my order, the app prompted to wait until I arrived at my location (8541 W Grand River Ave. Brighton). When I got to the drive-thru line, I pressed the "I'm here" button, told them I ordered through the app. "George?" said the employee through the speaker to my satisfaction.

To my amazement, EVERY point of this order was executed perfectly including the added romaine lettuce on my wife's Nachos Belgrande.

Taco Bell's app has been out for more than a year so the bugs are likely worked out. It has millions of downloads and reports are showing increased sales overall and app users spend 20 percent more than orders made in-person.

TL;DR: the 'Live Mas' app works ... for taco fans and business owners alike.

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