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Family Turns Neighborhood Sidewalks Into Giant Monopoly Board For Coronavirus Lockdown

GRIMES, Iowa (CBS Local) -- An Iowa family trying to stay busy during the coronavirus lockdown made a huge Monopoly board game for their neighborhood using sidewalk chalk.

The Erps family spent four hours on Sunday afternoon creating a "neighborhood Monopoly masterpiece" in Grimes, WTVT reported.

Connor Erps said he and his two sisters used the project as a break from their studies in dentistry, art education, and accounting.

How cool! A Grimes family turned their neighborhood into a giant Monopoly board! Share your sidewalk art with us through

Posted by KCCI on Thursday, April 23, 2020

Go, Community chest, Reading Railroad, Marvin Gardens, Park Place, Water Works, James Place, and yes, the Jail -- it was all there at the corner of S.W. Maplewood Dr. and S.W. Clark Lane.

They also made oversized dice to play the game.

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