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Family of man mauled by dogs suing the owners and city of Detroit

Family suing city of Detroit, the pet owners after man mauled by dogs
Family suing city of Detroit, the pet owners after man mauled by dogs 02:21

(CBS DETROIT) - The family of Harold Phillips has retained Fieger Law after three dogs mauled a father of six

He's not doing good, we're just praying," said Shauntaye Phillips. 

Phillips's husband, Harold Phillips, was viciously attacked by three dogs as he left a bus stop Monday night near Long Acre and West Chicago Road. 

"The dogs bit a pretty big hole out of his arm and tore his artery, so he lost a lot of blood. He is on dialysis. He has to keep getting transfusions. They cut off his right arm," Shauntaye Phillips said. 

Harold Phillips, 35, had to have his arm amputated because of his injuries. Sadly, Shauntaye said the prognosis doesn't look good. To make matters worse, the family is celebrating their daughter's 8th birthday with her father fighting for his life in the hospital. 

"He is in a medical-induced coma, his kidneys aren't doing good, his enzyme levels are really high, he is supposed to be at 35, and he's at 7,800," Shauntaye Phillips said.  

James Harrington is the attorney representing the family and said his initial investigation revealed that Animal Control had cited the owners in the past and was aware that the dogs were dangerous.  

"We've already started our investigation, and our investigation has been very thorough in a short period of time, and some of the things we've begun to uncover is shocking," Harrington said. 

Harrington said he would fight to have someone held accountable. 

The three dogs that attacked Harold have since been euthanized. 

CBS News Detroit reached out to the city of Detroit. The city is aware of the lawsuit, but no response was given at the time this article was published. 

The family has set up a GoFundMe page named Harold Phillips to help raise money for medical costs. 

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