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Fallout from massive data breach at Ascension continues as patients are unable to fill prescriptions

Metro Detroit Ascension patients are unable to fill prescriptions
Metro Detroit Ascension patients are unable to fill prescriptions 02:04

(CBS DETROIT) - Ascension has reported that patients are unable to fill prescriptions at its pharmacies in light of a recent data breach that occurred on May 8. 

The data breach, which has disrupted its computer system and prevented prescriptions from being filled as a result, has led to an increase in business for nearby pharmacies. 

"Since a week, they have been coming to us finding my pharmacy from their windows from the hospital," said Paul Gera, a pharmacist at Hoover Pharmacy in Warren. 

Gera's pharmacy is across the street from Ascension Macomb-Oakland Hospital on Hoover, near 12 Mile. 

Gera said patients from Ascension have been coming into his pharmacy nonstop since the company announced a data breach on May 8. 

"Usually, they will be through the computer because somehow the computer system got messed up or something. I don't know much, but they've been with handwritten prescriptions," Gera said. 

Gera said he hasn't seen handwritten prescriptions from a hospital in years; they are usually sent electronically, but since the computers have been disrupted, doctors at Ascension have been handwriting them. 

Since the May 8 cyber security attack, the health system announced that most patients have been able to make doctor's appointments, but some have been diverted to other emergency facilities because of the disruption. 

On Thursday, it was announced that pharmacies have been disrupted and prescriptions could not be filled. 

No timeline has been given for all services being restored. 

While Ascension continues to manage the nationwide data breach, Gera said patients are welcome to get their medicine at Hoover Pharmacy. 

"We carry all the medications. We are more than happy to help them anytime with any number of scripts," Gera said. 

According to reports, a class action lawsuit has been filed in Illinois and Texas, accusing the company of failing to encrypt patients' personal data. 

Ascension has denied any patient data has been compromised. 

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