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Experts Focus On Education At Mackinac Policy Conference

MACKINAC ISLAND (WWJ) - An education expert at the Mackinac Policy Conference says it's time to put more emphasis on the classroom.

Tom Watkins is president and CEO of an education and business consulting firm and he says it's time to reinvent public education.

"We cannot continue to pretend and spend in Michigan. The governor's asking the right questions. It's not about how much money we're putting into education, the question is what are the results we're getting out," said Watkins, adding that a lot goes into the system.

"We invest, depending on whose figures you look at, between $18-and-20-billion in public education in this state, so there's a lot of money. And I think that we need to begin to re-imagine public education," Watkins said.

For complete coverage and to watch to some of the sessions at the Mackinac Policy Conference, click here

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