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Eric Ebron Insinuates The Refs Are Against The Lions

By: Evan Jankens

The Detroit Lions fell to 4-9 on the season after their 21-14 loss to the St. Louis Rams.

On the Lions final play, the ball was snapped over Matthew Stafford's head, Stafford recovered and almost made an amazing throw to TE Eric Ebron.

The play initially looked like Ebron was interfered with, but from the best I could see it looked as if Ebron's feet got tangled up with the defenders. No penalty was called and the Rams got the ball back.

According to the Detroit Free Press Ebron felt after the game the refs were against the Lions.

"When you play here (for the Lions) it's always more than 11 on 11," tight end Eric Ebron said. "The term Detroit vs. Everybody didn't come out for no reason. That's how it is. It's us against the world and we got to play like it every game."

Earlier in the game, RB Theo Riddick was called for a chop block that didn't appear to be the right call.

In my opinion, Ebron didn't seem too irritated as he still made sure he swapped jerseys with Rams' RB Todd Gurley.

What do you think, are the refs against the Lions?

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