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Elevator Rapidly Ascends Before Crashing Into Ceiling, And More Of 'What's Trending Today' With Zahra

Watching this video made my knees weak...and my heart stop.

A surveillance video posted on YouTube shows a man names Jose Acevedo get in an elevator on the first floor of a new apartment complex in Chile. The doors didn't even have a chance to close before it started rapidly ascending, traveling 31 floors in 15 seconds. It eventually slammed into the ceiling injuring Acevedo.

Watch the terrifying video.


Nooo Hugh Jackman! Why?!!!

The 45-year-old actor has shaved his head in preparation for his role as Blackbeard in the latest Peter Pan film adaptation "Pan." Jackman posted the picture on Instagram with the caption, "Blackbeard is born. #PAN"

Check out his picture.


I guess nothing is left to the imagination nowadays.

The latest nudity comes from rapper Nicki Minaj, who shows a lot of breast in her official video for "Pills N Potions." I want to say it's about hallucinations, but really, who ever knows what videos and songs mean nowadays.

You can watch her video here.


Halle Berry will be $16-thousand dollars poorer each month (I use the term poorer very loosely) after a Los Angeles court ordered the Oscar-winning actress to pay her ex that amount each month in child support. Berry will have to make the hefty payments until her 6-year-old daughter turns 19 years old or graduates from high school.

The court also awarded her ex, Gabriel Aubry, $115,000 in retroactive support.

Read more.

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