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The Mission of Dutton Farm

Detroit (CBS Detroit) - It all began with one woman's love for her sister. A bond that is now making a difference right here in Metro Detroit.                                                                                                                                                                                                              Dutton Farm in Rochester is like no other farm in the area. They are on a mission to celebrate, educate and employ people with special needs.

"Dutton Farm is a non-profit organization designed to change the future of possibilities for people with disabilities",  says Jenny Brown, founder and CEO. "I have a sister with Downs Syndrome, and when I realized she wasn't afforded the same opportunities I was, I decided to drop out of Law School and start a non-profit with my mom to change all that".

According to Jenny, one of the biggest misconceptions is that these individuals don't have much to contribute, or don't want to contribute.

"We started a line of all-natural products that are developed, packaged and sold by adults with disabilities" Jenny proudly states. "The revenue from each sale goes right back into the mission and allows us to hire adults with special needs".

"I see the purpose, I see the value, I see importance....and I see a future. This is a personal mission for us, it's not just a job we go to every day"

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