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DPS' Roy Roberts Signs On For Another Year As EM

DETROIT (WWJ) - In a story you're hearing first on WWJ Newsradio 950...

Detroit Public Schools emergency manager Roy Roberts is signing on for one more year. In an exclusive one-on-one interview, Roberts tells WWJ CityBeat Reporter Vickie Thomas that he just signed a contract for another year.

"I did that because we've made such significant gains in moving forward, and for me to walk out the door right now could throw this thing into jeopardy and hurt students, teachers and principals and I couldn't do that. This is hard work. I've had a lot of big jobs in my life. This is the most difficult job I have ever had in my life," says Roberts.

But he also says it's the most rewarding. And Roberts believes the district is on the right track under his leadership. He says the deficit dropped from $347 million to $83.6 million in just eight months.

"I never believed in my life that I was the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I knew unequivocally that I was the most focused knife in the drawer. And I'm focused on getting this job done in educating these kids and no one is going to dissuade me from getting that done," he says.

However, there could be one hitch in this deal, as many wait for a state Supreme Court ruling over whether or not Roberts will face any repercussions for failing to take the oath of office after his appointment last year.

Meanwhile, Roberts is expected to announce later this week the 15 failing schools that will be placed in a new state-run system.

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