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Donations needed for landfill search to find Zion Foster

(CBS DETROIT) - Multiple agencies across the state are working together to find missing teen Zion Foster.

Detroit police say they believe the 17-year-old's remains were transported from a dumpster in Detroit to Pine Tree Acres Landfill in Lenox Township.

"Finding the remains of Zion is so important to not only bringing relief to the family but to also being able to have a lot of evidence for this case," said Detroit Public Safety Foundation Executive Director Patti Kukula.

The teen was last seen in January with her cousin Jaylin Brazier, who allegedly confessed to dumping her body after she went unresponsive.

The 23-year-old is currently serving time in prison for lying to officers about his role in her disappearance.

"As long as nobody is able to catch him in those lies then that's what he will hold on to because who's going to prove otherwise," said Foster's mother Cierra Milton.

"You know and if we don't prove otherwise then he will just be that much more confident tone able to say, yup I didn't, or then even maybe potentially retract some of his previous statements and try to use it and say, you know, I was scared. You know, because he's done that before too."

Police are extending the search that started May 31.

More than 20 companies have pitched in, totaling over $300,000 of in-kind donations for supplies, hazmat suits and equipment.

"The chief has given Sept. 18 should be enough time for searchers to go out.," Kukula said.

Investigators initially said the massive effort would take six to eight weeks to inspect a 100 by 100-foot area, but more donations are needed to stretch the timeline another month.

The Detroit Police Public Safety Foundation is now calling on the community to raise another $15,000.

"We've had over almost $12,000 in cash from various people," Kukula said.

"As small as $5 donations to $1,000 donations. And then we have our partnership with the Detroit Athletic Center, DAC Foundation, who is donating $16,000 and then through our general account we're donating the rest of the funds for the purchases that come up."

Zion's mother, Cierra Milton, says she hopes the effort will lead investigators to her daughter's remains to find out exactly how she died.

"I believe that it would just solidify some things and then while given that information, then they're able to prosecute to the fullest extent," Milton said.

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