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Dominion Voting Sues Former Trump Lawyer Sydney Powell For $1.3 Billion

DENVER (CBS4) - Dominion Voting Systems has filed a lawsuit in Washington D.C. against President Donald Trump's former lawyer, Sydney Powell. The Denver-based voting technology company is pursing $1.3 billion in punitive and compensatory damages.

The suit was filed in D.C. District Court on Friday morning. POLITICO reports the case has been assigned to Judge Carl Nichols, who was appointed by President Trump.

(Photo By Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images)

The 124-page complaint details Powell's public statements and appearances claiming election fraud and machine hacking that allegedly changed votes for President Trump into votes for President-Elect Joe Biden.

To counter, Dominion claims "mountains of direct evidence," specifically millions of paper ballots in Georgia and other swing states that were audited and recounted by bipartisan officials and volunteers which proved the accuracy of the Dominion machine count, that disproves Powell's claim.

Dominion also counters claims from Powell that Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez was behind a plot to change votes. Chavez died in 2013. A major argument that Powell has repeated is that Dominion was created in Venezuela to rig elections for Chavez. Dominion, as stated by in the suit, was created by John Poulos in his basement in Toronto in 2002. In 2009, the company was incorporated in Delaware and headquartered in Denver after substantial growth.

(credit: Dominion Voting Systems)

The voting company also points to a call between President Trump and Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger where Raffensperger told the president that two recounts, one done 100% by hand, revealed the same result as the initial vote done by machines with Dominion software.

Also quoted in the suit is Michigan's Senate Majority Leader, Mike Shirkey.

"Our investigation, which has been very intense, discovered none, none of the allegations and accusations against Dominion [are] true," Shirkey, a Republican, said.

The complaint can be found here in it's entirety.

Powell and her organization, Defending the Republic, now have 21 days to respond to the suit.

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