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Furious Dollar Store Employee Confronts Alleged Febreze Shoplifters

CBS DETROIT - Dramatic cell phone video from the parking lot of a shopping center in Saginaw, Mich. captured a heated altercation between some employees and a group of customers.

The one minute and 47 second-long video shot by a bystander shows a couple of apparent Family Dollar employees confronting customers in their car who allegedly stole a can of Febreze.

A male employee with the Febreze in his hand approaches the car full of people and shames them for their behavior and for being bad role models to the child in the car.

The person behind the camera utters, "They're stealing some Febreze?"


At first the employee is calm, but the confrontation quickly escalates into a screaming match with threats of violence.

The employee sprays the Febreze into the front passenger window once as he walks away. The women get out of the car to continue arguing.

"She's pregnant!" is yelled repeatedly at the man referring to a woman who gets out of the back seat. She gets close to the man and shouts, "you maced her" at the employee.

It doesn't appear as if anyone was injured, but one of the woman is seen, briefly, rubbing her eyes saying, "I can't see!"

Piling on the allegations, the employee asks a bystander, "Did you see her hit me?"

The video ends with they employee laughing as he yells the name of a viral video website, "Worldstar Hip Hop" to the camera.

A manager at the store at 3220 Sheridan Ave. declined to comment.

Family Dollar corporate spokesman Bryn Winburn said they don't generally comment on "specific HR matters or incidents," adding, in a emailed statement, "Please know that the safety and security of our customers and Team Members is our first priority and we take situations like these very seriously."

Saginaw police have no record of the incident.  They're reviewing the video.

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