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DMC Joins Michigan Infant Safe Sleep Effort

DETROIT (WWJ) - A metro Detroit health system is joining the effort to protect babies from unsafe sleep conditions.

Every year, statistics show, 140 Michigan babies go to sleep and they don't wake up.

It's a heartbreaking reality hundred of parents have to keep on living with – but it's a preventable tragedy, health experts say.

That's why the Detroit Medical Center is getting together with the state Departments of Human Services (DHS) and Community Health (MDCH) to raise awareness about the dangers of unsafe sleep practices with new parents.

Michigan First Lady Sue Snyder announced the partnership at the DMC's Children's Hospital of Michigan Specialty Center on Thursday.

"I want to make sure other families know, that, you know, they can at least say, 'We did everything possible'," Snyder said. "And then if it still happens then, there's something else wrong; but not that this preventable thing happened to their household and their family."

Nurse Shareece Lee
Nurse Shareece Lee and Michigan First Lady Sue Snyder at the at the kickoff of the DMC's partnership with the state on the Infant Safe Sleep Act. (credit: Sean Lee/WWJ)

Also lending her voice to the effort is nurse Shareece Lee who lost her 3-month-old daughter Leyla three years ago.

"For me, it really keeps her memory alive; and it really helps me to know that I'm doing something to help someone else," Lee said. "That's what this is about. I don't want to sit around, and, you know, she's died, and nothings been done. And babies are still dying and no one's aware.

This collaboration goes beyond the requirements of the new Michigan Infant Safe Sleep Act signed into law by Gov. Rick Snyder in May.

The new state law requires hospitals and health professionals to provide parents with information, brochures or educational video regarding infant safe sleep practices following the birth of a child.

Get more information on Michigan's safe sleep effort HERE.

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