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Dig For Hoffa Turns Up Gawkers, Few Clues

OAKLAND TWP. (WWJ) - The dig for teamster leader Jimmy Hoffa in northern Oakland County is over for the day -- but had been drawing out the gawkers.

Twenty-year old Hannah Sumner lives right up the street - so when she heard the famous teamster boss buried in nearly her backyard she and three of her swim buddies put on their flip-flops to see the activity on Buell Road.

On Monday only investigators could enter the dig site - but Sumner says that if she were planning on hiding a body ... this would make a good place reports WWJ's Kathryn Larson.

"The trees are all coming down ... and it's just a dirt road and there are houses farther down there -- but it's just an eerie feeling when you are driving down there at night and you can't see anything at all," she said.

She said her grandmother always thought something odd was going on at the property they are now searching.

Chris Perry from Oxford stopped by to see what all of the buzz was about and was shocked to hear that all of the activity was centered around Hoffa.

"I thought they had him the last time," said Perry. "They were swearing by it left and right that they had him, but they didn't."

Perry was referring to a dig in the backyard of a Roseville home last September.

While the FBI is not talking, the source of the information is believed to be credible coming from reputed mobster Tony Zerilli .

Zerilli, now 85, was convicted of organized crime as a reputed mafia captain. He was in prison on July, 30 1975 — when Hoffa disappeared from a Bloomfield Township restaurant — but says he was informed about Hoffa's whereabouts after his release.
Feds Digging In Oakland Township Searching For Hoffa's Remains

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