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Diet Pepsi Ditches Aspartame As Primary Sweetener

By Dan Jenkins

Pepsico is taking a step forward when it comes to artificial sweeteners following backlash from customers.

The soda giant announced Monday that it will be replacing the much-maligned aspartame with a blend of sucralose -- or Splenda -- as the main sweetener in Diet Pepsi, Caffeine Free Diet Pepsi and Wild Cherry Diet Pepsi.

"Diet cola drinkers in the U.S. told us they wanted aspartame-free Diet Pepsi and we're delivering," senior vice president Seth Kaufman said. "We recognize consumer demand is evolving and we're confident cola-lovers will enjoy the crisp, light taste of this new product."

A new marketing campaign will accompany the change with hopes that it will help the struggling product line increase sales. The decision follows a decline of 5.2 percent in Diet Pepsi's sales volume in 2014, according to Markets Morning.

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