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Dexter Billboard Tells Off Mother Nature

DEXTER (WWJ) - The village of Dexter has a message for Mother Nature -- "Don't mess with the Dreadnaughts." It's part of a billboard located on Dexter-Ann Arbor Road.

The sign was placed there by Boullion Sales, a local power equipment dealer. Owner Ed Boullion said the billboard, on display since Wednesday, has become a rallying point for the town, which is still cleaning up from a tornado earlier this month. "Dreadnaughts" is the name of school district's sports teams. It's no coincidence it's also the name of a 20th Century British warship.

"I grew up in the community, I was a Dreadnaught, still am a Dreadnaught, and I still support our community. We've always been proud of our little town, so I guess what's better than to say 'We are the Dreadnaughts and the tornado isn't going to beat us,'" said Boullion.

Boullion said the billboard, like his village, is unique -- and even a tornado won't chase residents away.

"I think this has been a pretty close community for years. Those who have moved here in the past few years have found out that this is a unique community and that we're all pretty close," saod Boullion.

On Saturday, local businesses are selling T-shirts with that same message. Proceeds will benefit the volunteer fire department there.

The March 15 twister damaged more than 200 homes in the Dexter area, west of Detroit. About 20 houses were destroyed. No serious injuries were reported.

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