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Detroit's Former Police Chief Robbed At Gunpoint While Mowing Lawn

DETROIT (WWJ) - It appears that crime can strike at anyone in the city of Detroit, even a former police chief.

Stanley Knox tells Fox 2 News, he was mowing his lawn, when he was robbed at gunpoint:

"They stopped and asked if that was Curtis (street) down there ... and I said, "yes," then they started walking back toward me - then they speeded up, and with a gun in his hand. I was never afraid, I don't know ... what I was thinking about," said the former police chief.

"You hate for it to happen to you in the city, but it happens -- in every city," he said.

Knox tried to fight off the robbers, but was knocked over. His gold necklace and bracelet were taken. Knox, who was Detroit's police chief from 1991-1994, was not injured.

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