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Detroit Youth Choir calls for more action on gun violence in newly released video

Detroit Youth Choir Calls For More Action On Gun Violence In Newly Released Video
Detroit Youth Choir Calls For More Action On Gun Violence In Newly Released Video 02:18

(CBS DETROIT) - Detroit Youth Choir (DYC) honored school shooting victims in new video as the group called for more action to address gun violence.

DYC sang the classic hit song by Guns N Roses called 'Sweet Child O' Mine', which was the favorite song of Layla Salazar who was one of 19 children killed in a school shooting in Uvalde, Texas.

"I hope that this video can really be an eye opener for everybody," said Haylee Richardson, who is a member of DYC. "To let people know, hey stop this. It is enough, you know gun violence. School shootings--all of this--it is enough especially if its harming sweet innocent children."

In the video, DYC wore T-shirts with schools impacted by school shootings and names of the shooting victims.

"It was real overwhelming," said Chauncey Bowers, who is a member of DYC.

The shooting in Texas and others left an impact on the kids at DYC, inspiring them to stand up for change.

Two years ago, DYC released a video of them singing the award-winning song 'Glory' in honor of George Floyd and to call for racial equity.

"Detroit Youth Choir believes that all of our young people have a voice," said Anthony White, who is DYC's artistic director.

White said he teaches his kids that their voices have power.

"However we can be used to make a mark on society, that's what we are about," White said.

The kids from DYC hope the video can move the conversation on solutions to gun violence forward and help make a difference.

"Hopefully, the right person sees it and decides to actually do something that will make a change," Bowers said.

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