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Detroit x Detroit Returns to the Magic Stick

Detroit x Detroit is taking over the Magic Stick this Saturday night to deliver a sample of Detroit's music catalog - covered by local Detroit musicians! Back for its 5th year, this annual event celebrates Detroit's unique musical history by showcasing local artists performing some of Detroit's greatest hits. Fifteen acts are each scheduled to perform a three song set covering another artist with Detroit music ties.

This unique local music celebration is a must-see for any music fan! Plus, the proceeds of this event help support a special scholarship for the students at the School of Rock! See the School of Rock students live in action, they're opening the show on the main stage - performing hits from Detroit guitar hero Ted Nugent!

CBS 62's Detroit Proud spoke to Detroit x Detroit musicians Adam Jezewski (drummer for Nina & The Buffalo Riders),and Jesse Shepherd-Bates (who is performing songs from Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.'s Daniel Zott...before he was in Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.), about their upcoming performances. We also chatted with School of Rock Music Director Eddie Baranek about this Saturday's show. Check out what they had to say!

Hey Eddie! Tell Detroit Proud readers about School of Rock and its connections to the Detroit x Detroit show.

School of Rock started in Rochester in 2008 and is a performance-based program that lends itself to develop confidence and musicianship over 3 or 4 month seasons. I've been the Music Director here since June of 2009, and this will be the third time the students have performed at Detroit x Detroit.

The funds raised by Saturday's show help provide an opportunity for families to afford their kid to attend School of Rock who otherwise would not be able to. These kids are so talented and this scholarship allows them a chance to attend and grow.

What was it like working with the School of Rock students on their Ted Nugent performance?

It's all about passion, these kids have so much of it. Ted Nugent has left us with some great songs and we love to have this avenue to showcase awesome Detroit music. This is a new route the kids have never gone down, they're the first band playing, and they are going to be awesome.

Ted Nugent songs allow the kids to communicate on stage, students can go back and forth – play tag, so- to-speak – and really engage each other. It's not just guitar playing, the bassist enjoyed how involved the bass lines are in the songs. The band is awesome, it's a really well-oiled machine – full of intelligence and passion. You'll get to see that on stage.

Detroit Proud asked Adam & Jesse about their performances and how they chose the Detroit artists they're covering.

Adam Jezewski: We are going to perform two deeper tracks from the Bob Seger System and one mega hit that everyone knows. We'll perform them pretty much as written – jam them out a little bit. We have a female lead singer, so it's been great hearing her belt out these songs. Our band formed about a year and a half ago. Before our band formed, we were performing early Bob Seger songs, and our sound is pulled from that era – Seger, Bad Company, and the Allman Brothers. 

Jesse Shepherd-Bates: The band I'm performing with is a bunch of old friends – we've been in and out of bands together.  I really liked Daniel Zott's solo stuff, also it's an excuse to dress up, and my hair is almost as big as his.

I really wanted to play Daniel's solo stuff before he got into Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., I hope people leave Detroit x Detroit and check it out – it's weird stuff. The chord progression never stops in his music, it's awesome. He is a brilliant guy. It took us a while to learn the songs, but it's been a lot of fun.

Jesse Shepherd-Bates as Daniel Zott
Jesse Shepherd-Bates will be performing as Detroit's Daniel Zott this Saturday at the Magic Stick!

Aside from performing, what else are you guys looking forward to on Saturday?

Jesse:  My favorite part is watching local bands covering other local bands – over the years, the show has grown into performances of larger Detroit acts. It's an excuse to learn the songs of people I see around at bars. You learn and perform their music, and it gives you a chance to get inside their head a little. Davila puts on a great live show, I'm really looking forward to their performance as John Lee Hooker.

Adam: I'm looking forward to see the other bands perform and highlight Detroit's musical legacy and history. The Magic Stick is such a unique venue and with their upcoming format change, we're looking forward to being a part of some of the last rock shows at the Magic Stick.

Nina & The Buffalo Riders
Don't miss the rockin' soulful sounds of Nina & The Buffalo Riders as they perform as the Bob Seger System live at Detroit X Detroit!

I'm also excited to see the kids kick off the night performing Ted Nugent. The Magic Stick is a very cool venue for a young person to play at. We're happy to support a great cause and the kids at School of Rock, anything to support young musicians is very cool.

Don't miss fantastic local musicians cover The Bob Seger System, Stevie Wonder, Mayer Hawthorne, Marvin Gaye, The White Stripes, Rodriguez, and MORE!  Detroit Proud will see you Saturday night at the Magic Stick! Click HERE find out more about Detroit x Detroit!

Detroit x Detroit

This Saturday, February 21st - Doors @ 8pm
Magic Stick
4120 Woodward, Detroit
Tickets $7 for 21+, $9 for under 21.

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