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Detroit Sees 11.5% Increase In Manufacturing Jobs Filled Year Over Year

The Detroit industry relies greatly on transportation and machinery manufacturing. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the region maintains its stronghold as one of the top five regions in the nation where manufacturing is king. The Midwest is experiencing job growth that is looking promising for Detroit and the surrounding communities of Livonia and Warren, Michigan. Manufacturing continues to be an important industry for Michigan as a state, but especially for the Detroit metro area and its residents.

Current employment statistics show growth within the manufacturing industry, according to labor market information data released by the Michigan Department of Technology, Management and Budget. With the addition of 9,500 jobs, employment in manufacturing increased 4.4 percent from the same period in 2012. The Bureau of Labor Statistics defines any industry that produces materials that are fabricated into a product as manufacturing.

Motor vehicle manufacturing is showing the highest gain within the manufacturing sector, when compared with data from a year ago. An astonishing 33,100 positions have been filled in this field, as compared to 29,700 in 2012, showing a positive upward employment trend. Those additional 3,400 jobs represent an 11.5 percent increase year over year. This increase may be an indication that the manufacturing industry, and specifically autos manufacturing, is continuing its recovery.

Auto parts manufacturing alone experienced a 2.3 percent increase over the previous year, which is slow, but also a positive sign.

The good news doesn't end there. Transportation equipment manufacturing has been hiring more workers within that industry. The total amount of jobs increased from 90,300 in 2012 to 95,000 a year later. Jobs that fall into this category include the production and manufacturing of equipment for the transportation industry, including planes, trains, automobiles and ships. Leading this industry has been pivotal to Detroit in the past, with high hopes for more growth in the future. As indicated by the statistics, expansion in regional, national and worldwide markets is a possibility.

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