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Detroit Proud Playlist: Week of 5/9 - "New Releases Edition!"

This week, Detroit Proud is bringing you the latest and greatest from local artists who have recently released new material or will be doing so in the coming days and months. If you're looking for a reason to get out and submerge yourself into the local scene, then take a look at these upcoming release shows and explore your city! Lots of tasty treats below, so let's get started:

1. The ERERs - "Midnight Moon"


Released earlier this year, The ERERs' EP I Can Do Anything is everything we love about this alternative rock band. It's heavy, bluesy and dark with some of the catchiest guitar riffs we've come across. The vocals are infectious and make you want to sing along as they reverberate over the muddy guitar and full throttle drums. It's this kind of infectious rock n' roll that make The ERERs such a classic group. This 4-track EP gives you a glimpse of their talent, but we're anxiously awaiting more.

2. Cheerleader - "Beauty Queen"


The girls are here and they really could care less about what you think, but they did release an epic full-length album last month and it's pretty killer. This is their sophomore release and couldn't be any more in-your-face, explicit, hardcore or infectiously punk. The vocals are grungy and bitter while the guitar and bass hammer away over clashing drums. The lyricism reeks of independence and grit. All hail, Cheerleader.

3. Eddie Logix - "Pulparindo"

Eddie Logix
(credit: Artwork and layout by B. French, Image by R. Solecki)

Multi-talented producer and artist Eddie Logix released his 16-track beat album Ohana this past April and it's definitely a sound to behold. It's a mix of avant garde with hip-hop and synthy electronic mash-ups; the tracks spread far and wide with no discernible theme, making this an adventurous and mindful listen that takes you in a plethora of directions. We're always thoroughly impressed by Eddie's mixing abilities and vision for soundscapes. Release your psyche and take an ethereal ride on this tape.

4. As We Divide - "When Cities Become Cinemas"

As We Divide

Post-hardcore, metal pop group As We Divide dropped their EP Always Content, Never Satisfied last week and will be promoting the release this Thursday, May 12th at The Ritz in Detroit. All ages are welcome and the cover is $10 in advance or $12 at the door. As We Divide will be bringing you kick-drum heavy tracks with plenty of high-octane guitar and blood-curdling vocals, but don't be too intimidated; their melodies offer a softer side that helps you recover from the neck-break headbanging.

5. Willa Rae & The Minor Arcana - "Love's Wastin' My Time"

Willa Rae and The Minor Arcana

Detroit folk favorites Willa Rae & The Minor Arcana are gearing up for a record release this Friday, May 13th at PJ's Lager House for their self-titled full-length album. In anticipation of their release, they dropped a single, "Love's Wastin' My Time" - a soulful, bluesy number with an Americana vibe and Willa Rae's soft yet spicy vocals. We have a feeling this release is going to be rooted and mysterious in nature with lots of classic heartbreak lyricism and mystical odysseys. Doors at PJ's Lager House are at 8pm and there's a $5 cover.

6. HALA - "Club Soda"


Prized Lo-fi beach rock artist, HALA provided a taste of his upcoming May 13th release Spoonfed on Balaclava Records (based in Sao Paulo, Brazil) with his dreamy and reverb-heavy single "Club Soda". Renaissance man Ian Ruhala drawls over a swoony guitar riff with minimalist drum beats and ghostly harmonies. It's a relaxing listen that will have you amped for that warm summer weather. This couldn't be a better time for him to drop some new tunes...we can't wait any longer.

7. Babe Miller - "Heart Problems"

Babe Miller

Honky-tonk, country artist Babe Miller is bringing all of his rockabilly flair to Detroit this Saturday, May 14th at Paycheck's in Hamtramck promoting his new release Room 242 on Sleazy Records. Babe Miller brings us the sound of simpler times. Perfectly revived, but unmistakably authentic. Who knew Detroit could birth such southern spirit and charm? Affectionately known as the "rockin' northern gentleman," Babe Miller encompasses quintessential honky tonk that takes us all back to those Hank Williams days.

8. Ancient Language - "93 Million Miles"

Ancient Language

Soothing and inspiring, Ancient Language's sound is definitely a favorite out in the Detroit scene. Their otherworldly synth and delicate key work make each listen an adventurous experience through rhythm and melody. We've been anticipating a release and we're happy to tell you that the wait is officially over! Ancient Language will be releasing their new album Everybody Forgives Everyone For Everything on Saturday, May 14th with a release party at Marble Bar in Detroit with special guests. Doors are at 8pm and tickets are available online for $5. You won't want to miss this, trust us.

9. Mountains and Rainbows - "How You Spend Your Time"

Mountains and Rainbows

Mountains and Rainbows are gearing up for their long-anticipated May 20th release of Particles with their fresh single "How You Spend Your Time", a jangly, '70s-style jam with lo-fi vocals, thoughtful lyricism and lots of quick-paced instrumentation. High-powered guitar fills the sound while crashing drums amp up the energy. Many Detroiters have been awaiting the group's first full release (a decade to be exact), and now their dreams will be coming true. Mountains and Rainbows never disappoint with their pop-psychedelic sound and bright production, so we can only assume we'll be getting the best of the best with their release.

10. Ready, Set, Rendezvous! - "Worrywarts"

Ready  Set  Rendezvous

Ready, Set, Rendezvous! is finally ready, set, releasing their new EP One Day This Will Be So Easy on Friday, June 10th at The Token Lounge in Westland. Their alternative, pop-punk sound delves deeper with rhythmic layers and melodies that go beyond the typical and into the original. The lyricism is relatable and emotional with modulating vocals that sweep from soft harmonies to raw and expressive trills that lighten the mood and soar over the instrumentation. The sound is vibrant and chock-full of guitar, with complementary drums that carry the jam forward. Don't miss this show in June, we can guarantee it'll be a joyous affair.

Who are you anxiously awaiting a new release from? Tell us in the comments!

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