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Detroit Proud Playlist: Week of 3/5

This week, we have a great collection of artists from all type of genres! Take a listen to some new releases that will be sure to tickle your fancy!


1. The Sightline - "Holiday Hangover"


Thick with melodic guitar and anthemic vocals, The Sightline's new release is an alternative rock feast. The drums are crisp and the bass breaks through to create a smooth fullness. Each track feels nostalgic and familiar, but has a modern take that is refreshing to the ears.

2. Denmark Vessey - "Sun Gun Nova (prod. KNXWLEDGE)"

Denmark Vessey

Even though this artist is currently residing in New York, his Detroit roots shine through in this soon-to-be released album. The rhythm is unique and unhinged with warped beats and conscious lyricism. The political undertones shine through without being overwhelming and we can't wait to hear what the rest of the record holds.

3. The Sky Thomas Experience - "Violets of Sunrise"

The Skye Thomas Experience

Delicate acoustic, soaring harmonies and picturesque lyricism make this a beautiful, singer/songwriter track worth listening to. The guitar work is hypnotizing yet simplistic with perfectly gruff vocals that break through the instrumentation with a soft punch. It's thoughtful and moving, so get some tissues ready just in case.

4. Narco Debut - "Governor Switch"

Narco Debut

Progressive rock with lots of heart, Narco Debut has some impressive electric guitar work combined with beautiful harmonies and an infectious chorus that will make you want to sing right along with them. The drums bring a hard rock quality that balances softness and grit to make this a well-balanced post-hardcore gem.

5. The True Blue - "Falling Down (feat. Sara Marie Barron)"

The True Blue

Beautiful pop mixed with R&B/soul makes this a swoon-worthy collaboration between The True Blue and Sara Marie Barron. The vocals are immaculate, the beat is sexy and sultry; it's just an all around classy song that will make you sway. This is one talented group of artists who make pop music unique leaving the typical manufactured beats for the birds.

6. Liquid Monk - "Nighttime (feat. Kameryn Ogden)"

Liquid Monk

Liquid Monk's LP released in September last year is a classy electronic record with rhythmic beats, high-end production and hypnotic synth that will make this your new go-to dinner party album. It's low-key easy-listening with lots of creativity mixed in to keep it interesting. There are also some great collaborations on this album that are worth checking out. So don't waste any more time!

7. Bringing Down Broadway - "The Prestige"

(credit: you into some heavy metal with lots of guttural vocals and seriously serious double kick drums? Well have we got a band for you! Taking it to another level of hardcore, Bringing Down Broadway (which is a deceiving band name, if we might add) will most likely melt your face off with some of the most intense guitar riffs and vocals you may have ever heard. It's a well done single that deserves some recognition in this genre, so take a chance and give them a listen!

8. Chris Orrick - "Bottom Feeders (feat. Fashawn/prod. Exile)"

Chris Orrick

We're not even going to try and hide our excitement for this new release. We've been waiting for another album from Orrick for a while and this track does NOT disappoint. Orrick's lyricism is mesmerizing and brilliant, the hip-hop beats are classic and add depth and imagery to the track. Orrick may have outdone himself on this one, but we'll just have to see what the rest of the album has in store. Another conscious hip-hop masterpiece may be on the horizon. single that deserves some recognition in this genre, so take a chance and give them a listen!



Nostalgic and thoughtful, MEANDTHEDOG is a singer/songerwriter album that feels personal and delicate. It's the first EP release for MEANDTHEDOG, and we have to say that it's beautifully done and a great listen for those quieter days. The lyricism paints an emotional picture of life experiences that are easily relatable. The minimalist guitar work and rustic vocals make this a wholesome listen.

10. Mooshie Music - "Baeby's Gone"

Mooshie Music

This brother duo knows how to make fun, interesting and unique indie pop-rock that paints a vivid picture with musical color. It's progressive and experimental with sing-songy vocals and often times humorous lyricism. The production value on these songs is extremely high and we appreciate the mix of instrumentation that gives a truly, unique sound to their work.

Check back with us next week for more Detroit music selections!

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