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Detroit Proud Playlist: Week of 11/20

New music is upon us this winter season! We've got all new releases from this past fall on the playlist and we're excited to share them with you!

Take a peek below and you may just find your next favorite Detroit artist!


1. Sam Spade - "The Solution"

Sam Spade

Just a simple ukulele and searing lyricism is what you'll get from Sam Spade's recent release Room For Improvement. There are no frills to be found on these recordings, but that's what makes the sound so clean and pure. It has a very vivacious, live-recording sound that is sharp to the ear and very lively.


2. Nina and The Buffalo Riders - "Please Come Back"

Nina & The Buffalo Riders

Well-known bluesy, psychedelic band, Nina and the Buffalo Riders tear it up in their recent release For The Dirt. It's melodic and full with layers of groovy keys, bass and percussion. The vocals are unmistakable and mesmerizing. You'll be hooked at the first note.


3. BASTARDOUS - "Injection"


Enjoy mind-blowing pop-punk? Well Bastardous has just what you're looking for. It's fast-paced, post-hardcore deliciousness with catchy riffs and anthemic vocals that will have you jamming your heart out. Did we mention that the guitar on this album rips? It's amazeballs.


4. Amp Fiddler - "Good Vibes"

Amp Fiddler

The name speaks for itself, and so does Amp Fiddler. This artist combines more than just jazz and funk, he creates a layered sound that is unlike any other. It's sensual, global, and pretty scrumptious to listen to. Influences of Afro-beat, hip-hop, and electronic turn this album on its head and takes on a life of its own.


5. Ness Lake - "Forget"

Ness Lake

If you're looking for something a little slower and melancholy, then Ness Lake should be the first on your list. The beautifully simplistic guitar work and thoughtful lyricism will break your heart in the best way. Sad music has a place in all of our lives, and these guys should be your first pick for straight ugly crying.


6. Balance - "Mediator"|


Have we told you how much we love jazz collaborations? Well we do, and here's one to top them all. This saxophonist-pianist duo is on the cutting edge of modern jazz in Detroit and we can't deny that their compositions are downright genius. Jazz is forever, but these two artists are bringing it back to life.

7. Jeremy Porter and The Tucos - "Patty's Not Impressed"

Jeremy Porter & The Tucos

Coming at you with some power pop-rock, Jeremy Porter and The Tucos hold nothing back with their release Don't Worry, It's Not Contagious. It's loud, it's fast and it'll blow your socks off. The guitar twang is heavy with this one and you'll be shocked at how catchy each song seems to be. You won't be able to contain your foot-tapping when you listen to this track.

8. Noveliss - "All The Time"


We don't know how Noveliss does it, but he has brought the uniqueness of hip-hop and anime together again for a beautiful release titled Kenjutsu Under the Moonlight. His rhymes are downright nasty and the beats are flavored with soul and class. We absolutely love rap that comes through as a beautiful piece of art and labor of love. It's obvious Noveliss pours his heart into his work and it's legendary.

9. Carmel Liburdi - "Sewerstar"

Carmel Liburdi
(credit: Carmel Liburdi - "

A perfectly quirky and campy album, Insomnia Slumber Party plays on the typical approach of singer/songwriter. You'll quickly notice, however, that this isn't just your "typical" acoustic album. The vocals are front and center with unique chord progressions and playful lyricism that will have you begging for more. We've seen this from Liburdi before, but this well-produced full-length is something to be proud of.

10. The Crampton Brothers - "Keep Me Around"

The Crampton Brothers

Ready for some old fashioned rock n' roll? Well take a listen to the new single from The Crampton Brothers! It's a lighthearted, pop-rock experience with lots of energetic guitar, bass, and drums. This single is sure to get you pumped for their upcoming album!

Check back soon for more Detroit music!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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