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Detroit Police Department Announces Changes To Eliminate Corruption In Towing Industry

DETROIT (CBS Detroit) -- The Detroit Police Department is looking at major changes to eliminate corruption connected to the multimillion-dollar towing industry in the city.

An investigation led to multiple officers being arrested.

Some of the new reforms include:

  • New computer software being used to track and audit towing businesses
  • All towing companies must apply for new contract
  • A new app will be developed for those requesting towing services so they know how much it will cost

Two police officers, including a lieutenant who worked in the integrity unit, are accused of taking bribes to break rules and steer cars to a favored towing company, according to an indictment last month.

Lt. John Kennedy is accused of accepting more than $14,000 in cash, cars, and car repairs from a towing company as an undercover federal agent. The government said he was supposed to be investigating the towing company.

Officer Daniel Vickers accepted $3,400, according to the indictment. Both were charged with bribery and conspiracy.

In September, Detroit City Council member Andre Spivey pleaded guilty to accepting $36,000 in bribes related to oversight of towing policy. Spivey has since resigned.

According to a WWJ report, a retired police officer was was hit with bribery charges, becoming the fourth person charged.

The news radio station reports it was unclear how much the reforms would cost the city. Detroit City Council would be required to approve the purchase of the software that Police Chief James White wants to implement.

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