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Detroit Police Crack Down On Illegal Drag Racing With Drifting And Drag Racing Task Force

(CBS DETROIT) - After a driver doing donuts on a Detroit street hit and seriously injured bystanders, Detroit Police Chief James Craig announced the Drifting and Drag Racing Task Force, to put an end to this dangerous activity.

Circular tire marks in the intersection of Livernois and Warren on the city's westside, a remnant of this scene from early Monday morning.

Multiple people were hit when this car doing donuts lost control leaving two in critical condition.

Police say stunts like this will no longer be tolerated.

"For this weekend and the prior weekend we have focused our attention on illegal street racing and drifting," said Craig.

And with that focus Craig says the department has formed the drifting and drag racing task force, in an effort to stop these dangerous stunts. Less than two weeks in, police say there have been big results.

"We conducted 313 traffic stops, issued 430 citations, we towed 93 vehicles. We made 28 felony arrest, 28, for the two days, just associated with this activity," said Craig.

From those arrests, Craig says 18 were carrying concealed weapons.

Police still looking for the driver from Monday's incident.

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