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Detroit Police Chief Touts Ambitious "2014 Plan Of Action"

DETROIT (WWJ) - Detroit Police Chief James Craig says he wants to cut crime by 10 percent, reduce response time to five minutes on priority calls, and increase the number of solved murders to 70 percent — all this year.

Craig on Thursday released his "2014 Plan of Action" to tackle crime in Detroit, saying the measures will help make the city safer.

"At the beginning of my tenure I promised the citizens of this great city that I would bring their Detroit Police Department to a premier law enforcement agency status. It is with great pride and confidence, that I submit to you this Plan of Action," Craig said, in a statement.

"We as your Detroit Police Department are committed to working towards a better and safer Detroit for us all. We recognize there is much work to do and look forward to working with you to ensure that we meet and exceed not only our goals, but your expectations as well," Craig said.

The chief, on the job in the city since last spring, said he plans to hire 150 new police officers by the end of the second quarter of 2014, and deploy detective in each of the 12 precincts by the end of the first quarter.


Among those weighing in on Craig's plan is community activist, and founder of the Detroit Coalition Against Police Brutality, Ron Scott.

Talking to WWJ's Stephanie Davis on Thursday, Scott said these goals, while admirable, will not change the culture of the Detroit Police Department — which Scott says needs work.

"All of this will be for naught of the culture of the department does not change," he said."The culture still has a lot of violence, which is being visited upon citizens — especially in terms of the multi-jurisdictional task force raids."

Scott criticized a recent series of police raids in the city.

"I challenge ... whether of not that's been that successful ... it's theatrical," said Scott. "And it's the same kind of attitude — if you're going to explore that process — that ended up in the shooting of (3-year-old Detroiter) Ayiana Jones. You brought in a whole group of people to extra one person; and that could've been done with some good detective work."

Scott said Craig — who was picked, hired and answers to Detroit Emergency Manger Kevyn Orr  — should address, if not answer to, the elected Detroit Board of Police Commissioners which represents the people of Detroit.

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