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Detroit Lions Ranked 27 In ESPN Power Rankings

By: Evan Jankens

Last Friday night was the first chance to see the Detroit Lions take the field in 2016. They topped the Steelers 30-17. Even with the win, it's hard to be optimistic after watching the first preseason game.

It doesn't appear the folks at ESPN have high hopes for the Lions in 2016.

They released their first power rankings for the 2016 season and the Lions came in at 27.

They had over 80 writers, editors and TV personalities vote.

The loss of Calvin Johnson is big, but the Lions might not be getting the benefit of the doubt here. They went 6-2 over the second half of 2015, and Matthew Stafford will have Golden Tate, Anquan Boldin and Marvin Jones to throw to in 2016.

After the NFL Draft, ESPN had the Lions ranked 24 and some how they managed to drop 3 spots.

The only teams below the Lions are the Chargers, Rams, Titans, Browns and 49ers. Do you think this ranking is too low or just right?

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