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Detroit Considers Closing City Airport

DETROIT (WWJ) WWJ's Charlie Langton said Mayor Mike Duggan wants to study the possibility of closing Detroit City Airport and redeveloping the land as something else.

The airport loses about $1 million a year, Langton reported. It hasn't been used by commercial airlines in 15 years. Duggan is seeking experts for a study on the viability of the airport into the future or whether the land would be better utilized for something else.

Resident Carl Watkins said it's time to close it.

"It's just a nuisance," he said. "They don't care care of it, the parking is terrible."

Joe Coppola of Macomb Township disagrees, saying in a city the size of Detroit, an airport is essential.

"We need a city airport," he said. "I say revitalize the neighborhood and keep the airport right where it's at."

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