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Will Kevyn Orr Stay Or Go? Detroit City Council Debates Emergency Manager's Future Behind Closed Doors

DETROIT (WWJ) - Detroit City Council entered a third day of discussions Thursday about the future of Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr.

Council spent all day behind closed doors Wednesday trying to decide if Orr should stay on after his term ends in the coming days. Under Michigan's current emergency manager law, council could remove Orr from office as early as Saturday — which would be 18 months after he was appointed by Gov. Rick Snyder.

Orr, Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan and federal mediators have been part of the city council discussions at various points over the last few days.

Snyder says Orr should stay put until the city's bankruptcy case is resolved.

At an event on Thursday, Duggan was asked about the issue.

"Yeah, I expect that this is gonna be worked out today or tomorrow, and — I know it's gonna disappoint you — I think it's gonna be worked out smoothly and without drama," Duggan said.

A group of Detroit pastors has formed a coalition, urging council members to get rid of Orr. To remove him, it would take a two-thirds vote by city council and Duggan's approval.

Back in July, told WWJ's Vickie Thomas that he planned "to exit quietly" once the bankruptcy was settled, to "let the patient recover on their own."

Orr filed for bankruptcy on behalf of the city in July, 2013, and has said Detroit is on track to emerge from bankruptcy in October.

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