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Detroit Charter School Door To Door Efforts To Find Students Missing From Classroom, Paying Off

(CBS DETROIT)- About a week after the start of school for Detroit Academy of Arts and Sciences, staff noticed about 40% of students had not returned. I an effort to ensure their safety, staff went door to door in search of the scholars.

"On our buses, and was able to contact some of our families, help them with any needs that they needed to get their child back in school so we could make sure that we were educating the kids of Detroit," said Angela Von Schwarz, MTSS Academics with the Detroit Academy of Arts and Sciences.

For the past two weeks staff members have been making house calls, speaking with parents, trying to get an understanding of why students had not returned. With them, they took uniforms, school supplies and electronic devices for those choosing virtual. So far, their efforts paying off.

"We've had about 60 to 70 students return in the last probably two weeks," said Von Schwarz.

While out speaking with families they found students had not returned for various reasons.

"Some parents were concerned about sending their child in and we let them know we did have the virtual option," Von Schwarz said.

Others moved and weren't aware of the transportation options, or enrolled in other schools, or simply didn't have uniforms.

Staff say once the students return to the classroom they may feel a little overwhelmed academically, so they provide some extra services.

"Using our reading interventionist, our tutors, online programs in order to make sure we close the gap they may have had during pandemic learning," said Von Schwarz

Von Schwarz says they're still missing about 10 to 15% of students and will continue their door to door efforts.

With Wednesday being count day, the school is paying especially close attention to attendance, and will have an official count in the coming days


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