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Detroit Celebrates 60 Years Of Motown With Ann Delisi

(CBS Detroit) In this, our third installment of the celebration of Motown, Lisa Germani sits down with WDET's Ann Delisi to get her thoughts on the impact that Motown had in Detroit and around the world.


"What I think is the most critical thing about Motown is that it showed a man (Berry Gordy), who against all odds, was able to create a business where other people were able to come in, and who had hopes and dreams.  And all of that was realized in this very small spot in Detroit."


"It's more about the message of what you can do when you have people that you trust around you. People who are talented, who are smart, and that you share a common vision with. The possibilities, the ability to dream and to watch those dreams come to reality. That you're going to pursue, and be undaunted by all the people that told you this would never work."


"I think it was Elmore Leonard that said 'Detroit has to work for a living, it can't get by on its good looks'. And so it's that feeling of Detroiters working really hard, there's a real work ethic here."


"I interviewed Wayne Kramer from the MC5 one time, and he said when they were talking about going to make music, or going to play a gig, they would say they were 'going to work', they weren't 'going to play'.  And that had a profound effect on me and how I looked at the people here in Detroit, and how that infiltrated into the music."


"That same attitude of 'you're gonna work to make this happen, you have to work hard in this town.'  I think that permeated into the music and the mindset of being able to create here in that way."


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