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Detroit Biz Owners Pledge To Honor K2 Ban

DETROIT (WWJ) - Mayor Dave Bing last week issued an emergency order banning the sale of K2 and Spice. Now an organization representing hundreds of store and gas station owners have stepped forward to say they support the ban and have pulled the product

from their shelves.

On Wednesday, Chief Ralph Godbee, joined by members of the Tri-County Business Community, announced that Detroit Police will enforce the ban.

"We'll use whatever tools we have in our tool box. Our officers, I think, are pretty adept at finding things that are harmful to our

(WWJ Photo/Stephanie Davis)

community," Godbee said.

Under the order, anyone in the City of Detroit must immediately cease selling, trading, giving, bartering, serving, providing, or make available any product or substance containing synthetic marijuana. The order also includes a ban on stimulants, known as cathinone or "bath salts."

Godbee said that if police discover a store still selling these products, they will confiscate the merchandise.

He said store owners could face charges.

Nasser Beydoun, who owns the Marathon station at 6 Mile Road and Wyoming, said he stopped selling the products a few months ago.

"It just didn't feel right," Beydoun told WWJ Newsradio 950's Stephanie Davis. "It just wasn't a product we wanted (to be) associated with. We've been in the community for 12 years and one of the things we do is try not to sell the stuff that harms our customers."

"It wasn't a difficult decision. Even if it was a big seller we would have still removed it," he said.

There has been a wave of activity in Michigan and nationwide aimed at eliminating the products.

On Tuesday, the state Senate gave final approval a ban on so-called synthetic marijuana, sending the legislation to Gov. Rick Snyder who is expected to sign it.

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