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Detroit's air quality. Here's what to know about the current unhealthy conditions

CBS News Detroit Digital Brief for Feb. 22, 2024
CBS News Detroit Digital Brief for Feb. 22, 2024 04:01

(CBS DETROIT) - The air quality in Detroit is currently unhealthy for sensitive groups, according to AccuWeather

AccuWeather, which provides worldwide weather forecasting services, says Detroit has a current air quality index, or AQI, of 114.

When air quality dips into the unhealthy range, sensitive groups may experience difficulties with breathing if they are outside for an extended period.

Sensitive groups include children, elderly and pregnant people and those with heart disease.

AQI shows pollution levels, and the higher the AQI, the more polluted the air is. In addition, there are different AQIs since different countries and regions have different laws and regulations.

So, let's check another AQI to see if it forecasts similar air quality conditions for Detroit. 

According to IQAir, Detroit's air quality is in the moderate range, which also indicates that air quality is reaching unhealthy levels for sensitive groups. They say people in sensitive groups should limit outdoor activity when the air quality is moderate. 

In addition, Detroit is currently ranked No. 25 on IQAir's list of cities in the world with the worst air quality. 

Two other cities in the United States are also ranked among the top 50 cities for the most polluted air quality. Minneapolis is ranked at No. 12, and Chicago at No. 29.

Officials in Dearborn recently installed 10 air quality monitors throughout the city to ensure residents are informed when there are unhealthy AQI levels.

"Dearborn is an industrial and car-oriented city, so we typically have air pollution concerns that other cities may not have," Ali Abazeed, the chief public health officer and director of Public Health for the city of Dearborn, said.

Air quality levels were also poor in Michigan and throughout the U.S. in 2023 due to the Canadian wildfires.

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