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Detroit Adds 4 Electric Buses To Fleet

(CBS DETROIT) - The Detroit Department of Transportation released four electric buses on Monday, as part of its commitment to green technology and safe transit.

DDOT adds four electric buses to its fleet. | Credit: City of Detroit

The Proterra electric buses are the first electric buses in Detroit's fleet and were incorporated into regular service on May 23.

City officials said electric buses are a sustainable choice because they produce fewer emissions, are energy-efficient, and use fewer parts than standard fossil fuel buses.

In addition to this, electric buses are quieter and less costly to maintain.

DDOT adds four electric buses to its fleet. | Credit: City of Detroit

"DDOT is excited and proud to partner with Proterra to bring cleaner transit to Detroit," said DDOT's Executive Director of Transit C. Mikel Oglesby. "Detroiters deserve safe and sustainable transit, and we are happy to be at the forefront of this exciting technology."

The charging station for the buses is at Shoemaker Terminal, which is located on the east side of Detroit, and the buses will be assigned routes out of that station.

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