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Democratic Convention Begins Under Umbrella Of Controversy

DETROIT (WWJ) - The Democratic National Convention gets underway Monday in Philadelphia under less than favorable conditions for Hillary Clinton as she takes center stage to accept the Democratic presidential nomination this week.

Party Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz has resigned after leaked emails suggested the party played favorites toward Clinton during the primaries, a major complaint during the campaign within the Bernie Sanders camp.

Congressman Dan Kildee, of Flint, is at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, he says Wasserman Schultz is taking responsibility for what happened on her watch.

"Whatever was in their heads is kind of beyond me," said Kildee. "A was a stupid act and they are paying the price for that -- but the country is not really interested in the machinations of the political party - they want to know 'where are we going as a nation,' and 'how does this election affect the lives of us every single day.'"

"What I hope we hear is an affirmative vision for where we want the country to go - I hope that Hillary Clinton and Tim Kane lay out how they think we take on these big challenges that we face as a nation at the convention."

Kildee says that Donald Trump's picture of America as a failed country is flawed: We understand we have problems - we don't need somebody like Donald Trump, who flies around in his own jet and didn't experience the problems that regular Americans face - we don't need someone to tell us the problem - we need a leader who can supply solutions."

Meanwhile, Trump has opened up a four point lead over Hillary Clinton in the polls --an expected bounce on the heels of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

Elizabeth Warren will deliver the keynote address at the Democratic convention which runs July 25 - July 28. Speakers Monday night include Senator Sanders and First Lady Michelle Obama.

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