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Decker Goes Off On Twitter After ESPN Commentator Calls Him A Wolverine

NEW YORK -- One of the bigger flubs on ESPN's Monday Night Football involved someone who wasn't even playing.

Late in the first quarter, color commentator Jon Gruden and play-by-play announcer Sean McDonough noted that the Lions were missing offensive tackle Taylor Decker, who's out with an injured shoulder, and McDonough got Decker's alma mater wrong in a really bad way.

"Obviously they miss Taylor Decker, their normal left tackle who is still out for a couple of weeks," Gruden said.

"Out with a right shoulder injury suffered in practice in June," McDonough responded. "They hope to get Decker back in mid-season. He's another first round pick out of the University of Michigan."

Do you see where McDonough went wrong... Decker played at Ohio State. The archrival of Michigan.

Decker must have been watching the game on television because when he heard the mistake he was quick to jump on Twitter and voice his displeasure.

Then he called for someone's job following McDonough's gaffe.

Shortly after that he asked for McDonough's Twitter handle for what one would assume would be a tweet towards him about the mistake.

However, based on responses from Decker's followers it appears McDonough is not on Twitter. Lucky for him.

While Decker may have gone a little too far in his response -- and may have also been joking around a bit -- this kind of mistake looks really bad. Especially when Decker was a key piece on the Buckeyes' team that won the 2015 College Football Playoff National Championship.

I'm sure when McDonough is made aware of his mistake, he'll never again mix up Michigan and Ohio State.

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