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DDOT Suspending Three Bus Routes

(CBS DETROIT) - Passengers say they've got a lot riding on the DDOT bus system, and the smallest inconvenience could put a huge damper on their day.

"Very much, I rely on the transportation system," said Bruce Smith, a frequent DDOT rider who says he uses the services to get to work.

Detroit resident Calvin Mayberry says he rides the Russell bus often to run errands and visit friends.

"Buses be late coming, have to wait for a whole hour for a bus to come," Mayberry explained.

In an effort to tighten up schedules and keep buses flowing on busy routes, DDOT is temporarily cutting a few lines and changing the frequency of others.

The three routes slated for suspension are Clairmont #11, Junction #26 and Tireman #47, as transportation officials work to right-size routes according to the demand.

According to DDOT metrics, the temporary service suspensions are based on low-performance data.

The three routes selected for elimination account for less than one percent of average daily boarding and 92% on riders along the routes have access to alternate service lines in walking distance.

"The ridership on one of them is only 10 riders a day and we can take that equipment and the operators and use them in places that are needed like the connect tens and increasing Jefferson," said DDOT Executive Director of Transit Mikel Ogelsby.

Currently, ridership is down to 25,000 passengers a day, compared to past caps at 70,000 passengers.

"That coupled with a shortage in operators, we are really pushing to get more operators," Ogelsby explained.

"This is temporary. In other words, as we get more operators we'll be able to add more service to the existing headways or distance between the times that buses come."

The new service changes will go into effect on November 15th.

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