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'Dance Strike' Raises Awareness About Domestic Violence

BINGHAM FARMS (WWJ) - Why march when you can dance? Dozens of women were making s'mores, having lunch, and shaking that thing for a cause in Bingham Farms.

The party in an office building parking lot Thursday was part of a nationwide effort to combat domestic violence.

"It's important to me because it's the right thing to do," said Christy Cardinal, with the support group HAVEN.

"I care about women; I care about my daughters; I care about myself, and I care about lots of other women that I know who've been hurt. There needs to be safety for them and it's our responsibly as a community to provide that,"  Cardinal said.

Among dozens of women taking part in the so-called "dance strike" was Daphne Harris, who choreographed a dance with her Chrysler coworkers. "It's a very complicated a long routine. Some of my colleagues behind you are trying it and it's very long and very complicated."

The effort is called "One Billion Rising" to represent an estimated one billion women who are victims of domestic abuse.

"We want to create community where we are, and that's one of the reasons that we did it right here where we work -- and invite everybody to participate in this," Cardinal said. "This is work that we do at HAVEN ... It's not just for us, it's for everyone."

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